Repair Agreement

Definitions & Terms. References to “us”, “we” and “our” refer to SEKI GADGETS and references to “you” and “your” are references to you, the person addressed on this agreement. References to “device” refer to the iPhone, iPad, phone, tablet, laptop, screen, motherboard, console, accessory or any other device that is to be repaired. References to “ticket” refer to the repair ticket. References to “service” and “services” refer to the repair service/s or diagnostic services described in the repair ticket.

Duration. This Agreement shall commence from the date you sign the service check-in form and shall continue until we have repaired or otherwise returned your Device, whichever is sooner, and received any payment due from you.

COVID-19 Policy. By using our services you agree to be bound by our COVID-19 Policy, which sets out the terms on how we handle our sales process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Device Owner. You acknowledge that you are the rightful owner of the device or have been authorised to act & make decisions regarding the device on behalf of the device owner.

Cancellation Fee. If you decide to cancel your Service, we reserve the right to charge a Cancellation Fee of $49.

Minimum Charge. If no fault is found on your Device or if we are unable to complete the Service for any reason, we will return your Device to you unrepaired and we reserve the right to charge you a Diagnostic Fee of $49.

Completion Time. Any time estimate specified for completion of the service is an estimate only and does not form any obligation under the terms of this Agreement. Unforeseen circumstances, courier delays, and work backlogs may have an impact on our ability to complete the services provided to you within the estimated timeframe. We will not be liable for any damages resulting from a delay in completion time. All timeframes refer to standard business working days and exclude weekends, holidays and/ or other public holidays.

Device Beyond Economical Repair. Upon assessment of your device we may determine that your device is beyond economical repair. In such cases we will return your device to you unrepaired and we reserve the right to charge you a Diagnostic Fee of $49. We may at our discretion waive the Diagnostic Fee in exchange of you forfeiting title of the device to us.

Payment. Unless your service is pre-paid, payment is due in full on collection of your device. SEKI GADGETS reserves it’s right to retain possession of the device until the Customer has paid SEKI GADGETS’s Service Fees.

Discounts & Promotions. Only one promotional discount may be applied at any one time and is subject to our discretion. All valid discounts and promotions must be applied at point of sale.

Device Collection. We shall notify you when your device has been repaired and is available for collection. Please retain your repair ticket for collection of your device. We may at our discretion request photo ID and/or deny pick up from any person other than the person named on the repair ticket. Upon collection of your device, we ask our Customers to inspect their device before accepting it as repaired. Should any questions arise regarding the condition of your device upon collection, please raise this with a member of our team.

Independent Repairer. You acknowledge and agree that while SEKI GADGETS technicians have been trained to perform work on electronic devices, SEKI GADGETS is not an authorised repairer of your Device and by authorising SEKI GADGETS to perform the Services, you may void any manufacturer’s warranty on your Device. If you would like to avoid this, then please take your Device directly to the manufacturer noting that your manufacturer’s warranty will not cover any accidental or deliberate damage.

Loan Device. Use of a loan device is subject to our Loan Device Terms & Conditions.

Uncollected Devices. Devices not collected within 20-days from date of completion or invoice will incur an additional $35 charge. In the event that devices are not collected within 60-days from the date of drop off, we reserve the right to resell, recycle or dispose of, and you hand over all rights of ownership to the device to us.

Passcode/Google/Apple ID/iCloud. We reserve the right to refuse service or warranty on the device if you are unable to provide the passcode.

Device Testing. We perform a series of tests when checking a device in for repair. If the device is not testable during this stage, we are not liable for any faults found.

Diagnostic Assessment. In order to complete a diagnostic or repairs it may be necessary to disassemble the device, which may result in further damage to the device. We take no liability for any further damage to the device, because of any existing damage. We will not cover the cost of replacement parts in any circumstances including if the device is not repairable.

Previous Damage. We do not accept responsibility for any progression in damage where your device has been previously repaired by someone other than us. Should any issues become evident, once the Device is opened, we will contact you via telephone/email.

Additional Services: In performing the Services, we may discover that your Device requires additional services than those nominated in the Repair Ticket. If the Service will incur further costs payable by you beyond that initially estimated by us, we will notify you immediately via telephone and/or email and provide you with a revised estimate. If you do not accept our revised estimate, we will return your Device to you unrepaired and we reserve the right to charge you for any parts used and a Diagnostic Fee of $35.

Parts. We offer both high-quality after-market and genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts (where possible) for the repairs of your device. We may, at our sole option, use rebuilt, reconditioned, or new parts or components when repairing your Device.

Non-Genuine Parts. The installation of Non-Genuine Parts may void any manufacturer’s warranty and have unexpected interactions with the Device. For screen replacements, minor differences in colour temperature as compared to the original screen may be observable in some cases.

Biometric Sensors & Features. As a result of any service, fingerprint readers (Touch ID), face readers (Face ID) or any other such features may not function afterwards. If your device was marketed as water-resistant or water-proof, your device will no longer be water-resistant or water-proof after any service. We are not liable for any loss of function resulting from any service and you accept this risk with any service.

Device Warnings. Following repair, some devices such as Apple iPhone model’s 11, 12 and 13 may display a warning for non-genuine parts. These warnings are a result of Apple trying to remove your consumer right to chose alternative repair options. If your device displays such a warning, it will typically disappear within 14 days.

Waiver Of Liability. You agree to release and hold us free from liability for any claims of damage of any kind or description that may arise from any Services and from any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage resulting from any Services including any loss of business, revenue, profits, anticipated saving, goodwill or any other indirect or consequential loss or damage of whatsoever nature howsoever arising. This includes but is not limited to any travel or transportation costs or loss or damage to accessories.

Service Changes. We may make changes to any product/s or service/s offered, or to the applicable prices for any such product/s or service/s, at any time, without notice. The information provided online with respect to products and services may be out of date, and we make no commitment to update the information provided online with respect to such products and services.

Your Privacy. We require your name, email address, phone number and any other relevant details so that we can communicate your repair progress, notify you when your repair is complete, and provide you with an efficient after-sales service. If you have agreed for us to to do so, we may also send you text messages and/or emails from time to time to alert you to new services and promotions. By using our Services you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy, which sets out the terms on which we process any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us. By using our Services, you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate.

Personal Data Protection. You understand that SEKI GADGETS will not browse through your personal, private or confidential information or data, however, in performing the Services on the Device, technicians may inadvertently come into contact with Personal Information. You understand that any confidential data should be removed from the device prior to having repair work performed on the device.

Data Loss. You acknowledge and agree that in performing the Services on the Device any data stored on the Device and any removable storage medium installed in the Device may be lost. We are not responsible for any loss of software programs, data or any other information contained on the storage media or any other part of the device serviced. You agree that the device can be restored, factory reset or otherwise have the data wiped if required.

Missed Faults. Whilst we do our best to determine in advance what components are faulty from time to time we may miss or not fully find all faults. Therefore any faults determined with the device after the repair has been approved will be subject to a new estimate and will be fully chargeable to you should you accept the estimate.

Manufacturer Changes. Manufacturers may in the future make changes that impact the function of third-party replacement parts, services or device functions. We are not liable for loss of functionality or any damages resulting from such changes. You may receive notifications of third-party parts on the device.

Returns & Refunds. Any service is subject to our Returns & Refunds Policy.

Warranty. Any service is subject to our repair Warranty Terms & Conditions. Following your repair we will install warranty seals. Where applicable, any tampering of these seals will void the SEKI GADGETS warranty.

Support Hours. Our SUMMER opening hours are 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays and 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays during WINTER. We are closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day and Canberra Day.

Termination. SEKI GADGETS reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in the event of a breach of this Agreement and/or where the Customer acts in a way that is inappropriate, abusive or otherwise unacceptable towards our staff or employees, either in communications via phone or email, or in person at our venue.

Liability. We shall not be liable to any client for any loss, damage or injury suffered by our client or to their property. However, this does not exclude or limit in any way our liability where it would be unlawful to do so, and which includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence (or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors) and for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Entire Agreement. This agreement and any other documents expressly referred to herein constitute the entire agreement between the Parties regarding its subject matter and supersede all prior agreements between the Parties, whether written or oral, with respect to such subject matter.

Force Majeure. We will not be responsible and will not pay any compensation where we are preventing or delayed from performing our obligations due to an event beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to flood, earthquake, mechanical breakdown, IT failure, fire, adverse weather conditions, acts of terrorism, gas, water or other utilities.

Severability. If a court finds any part of this Agreement illegal, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, the rest will continue in full force and effect. Each of the paragraphs in this Agreement operates separately.

Variation. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms at any time. The most recent version shall be deemed to be in effect.

Governing Law. This Agreement is governed by the Laws of Australian Capital Territory, Australia. The Parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian Capital Territory courts in relation to any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement.