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Trusted premium quality phone and tablet repairs. We specialise in general repairs, logic board repairs, microsoldering, liquid damage, and data recovery. Send your device to us or schedule a local visit.


Our Services

Phone & Tablet Repairs

We repair iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Tab, and Oppo devices. Services include screen replacements, battery replacements, rear glass replacements, charging port repairs, and more.

iPhone Logic Board Repairs

Our skilled technicians specialise in board-level microsoldering repairs for iPhones and iPads, resolving Apple logic board issues considered unrepairable by other repair shops.

iPhone Data Recovery

Our specialisation in Apple iPhone and iPad logic boards enables our certified board technicians to achieve the highest success rates in iPhone Data Recovery with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for the best mobile device repair services? Here are just a few reasons why we are simply the best at what we do.

Quick Turnaround

Most of our common iPhone repairs such as screen and battery replacements are completed within the same day. If we need to order parts or your repair takes longer, we also offer a complimentary loan device to use for the duration of your repair.

Quality Parts

We believe there is absolutely no substitute for quality. We source only the highest quality genuine OEM original and aftermarket service parts and components available from our network of trusted local and international supply partners.

Generous Warranty

We stand firmly by the quality of our parts and workmanship. All of our repairs are backed by a range of generous industry leading warranties. Find out more about the warranties we offer on our repairs by visiting our Repair Warranty page.

Free Diagnostics

We strive to earn your trust and business. That's why we give you the complete freedom and consumer peace of mind to bring your device to us with any technical issue, no matter how big or small, knowing that you're not incurring an expensive bill.

"Handing your phone over is so confronting. Dealing with Seki Gadgets makes that process reassuring and easy."

- Carola Lis


Parts We Repair

Following are some of the typical repairs we perform on mobile phones and tablets.

Screen Replacement

While device screens have become much more durable, they can still crack or shatter, rendering your device unreadable. If your phone or tablet has a shattered screen or damaged touch panel, we can replace it with a new one so you can see clearly once more!


Most devices have some type of built-in speaker. The loudspeaker allows you to hear the voice on the other end of a call or the sound of your favorite song. However, if the speaker begins to crackle or the volume is not loud enough, it is likely that the speaker needs replacing.

Battery Replacement

The more you use your device, the more strain you put on your battery. With each charge, the performance of your battery decreases, resulting in shorter battery life. When your phone battery stops holding an acceptable charge, we'll get you powered up in no time!

Front Camera

For selfie lovers, the front camera is the most important camera of all. Becoming more sophisticated with each passing year, packing more megapixels into a tiny housing. If something goes wrong with it, we can replace it for you.

Back Glass

A short drop onto the concrete driveway is enough to transform that sleek shiny back glass into a web of terrible cracks. While the newly shattered glass is probably still intact and functional, it’s less than pretty and can introduce a number of other issues with your device unless you get it fixed.


Silenced your device only to find out you missed an important call or message? If the vibration motor on your device has stopped working or works intermittently, it is likely you will need it replaced.

Rear Camera

The rear cameras on any modern device can really pack a punch when it comes to getting a pixel perfect photo. But, what happens when one of the dual cameras fail? If something is causing your precious memory shots to turn out wrong, we can fix it for you.

Proximity Sensor

If your display no longer turns off when you’re talking on the phone or if the automatic brightness control stops working it is likely that your proximity sensor has failed. On Apple iPhone models X and above, the proximity sensor is bound with Face ID.

Charging Port

Charging ports are easy to damage. Constant connecting and removal of the connector cable can wear the port down and cause it to fail. If you find that your device is not charging with the correct charging cable, it is likely that your charging port is damaged.

Earpiece Speaker

Are you having trouble hearing the person on the other end of your call? If the sound crackles, or the voices of your friends and family seem far away, your earpiece speaker is most certainly going to be the problem!

Volume Button

You'll perform most tasks on your device using the touchscreen, but you will still need the volume buttons from time to time. If you are unable to adjust the volume on your device with these buttons then it is possible they are damaged.

Home Button

For older iPhones and iPads without Face ID, it’s easy to forget how often we use the home button until it stops working. Perhaps your home button has stopped working altogether or maybe it only works some of the time. Either way, it's frustrating and it might just be time to get it repaired!


Can no one hear you when you are talking on your device? It is quite common for the microphone to stop transmitting your voice to the other person on a call. If your are experiencing this problem it is likely that you need to have your microphone replaced.

Water Damage

Dropped your device in water? Water damage can cause significant problems with the delicate internal circuitry in your phone or tablet, leaving it completely inoperable. Learn more about how our certified board repair technicians can recover your data by visiting our iPhone Logic Board Repair services page.

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